And another webcomic

Things are still “interesting” here and I’m busier than I want to be at things I don’t really want to do.

And rather than decrypt that for you, I’m going to put up another webcomic recommendation.

This one is Vexxarr, by Hunter Cressall. It’s almost pure SF.

The title character is a BEM – an utterly classical Bug Eyed Monster, sent from the Bleem empire to conquer earth. It’s just, well, Vexxarr is sarcastic even for a Bleem, and the job’s as much to get him (it?) away from the emperor as it is to add yet another conquest. The initial sidekicks consist of Minionbot and Carl, both of whom have homicidal feelings toward their boss.

Wait, I need to give you a baseline. This is the emperor addressing another fleet commander:
“Admiral, if you conquer the hu-mons in a single day, I will make you ruler of their puny planet.”
“Thank you, your eminence. And if I should take two days?”
“I shall make you pretend to enjoy it.”

Go start at the beginning.


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