Personal update

I thought I’d share with you all what’s going on my personal life. There’s a bit of a whine in here so feel free to go read something interesting instead.

This time next week I’ll be living in Houston. As I’ve noted before, I’ve not been able to get a job in my profession for almost four years, and the jobs around that ARE available won’t pay the bills.

The big bill being the house.

Now, there’ve been a lot of interesting fun and games about the house. BoA still won’t put the right name on the workout documents so they could be finalized. Every four months that has to reset, and any payments less than the original, such as the ‘trial’ payment level given during the workout period, is added as penalty owed. As a consequence the amount owed has gotten even larger. Had I gotten a job that would have been a major discussion.

However, as I noted I am bleeding money. Savings and one-day odd jobs and help from friends just didn’t make it. Just paying groceries, utilities, and blowing off the house would still have me out of cash in a handful of months. I’m literally at the point where I can afford to move and have a little left over for emergencies, or go literally broke.

I have a brother with a house in Houston that has a spare bedroom. Since that beats the heck out of living in a car, I’m going there. I let BoA complete the foreclosure (it sold yesterday), and they’re graciously giving me time to get me, mine, and our stuff out.

I’m down, I’m not out, and I’ll continue to post once in a while. But there will be interruptions. And occasional screams of frustration.

Hopefully there shall be joy as well.

Have fun.


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