Printed Schlock

I have recommended Schlock Mercenary a couple of times as a webcomic I think you should be reading. It’s the second thing I read every morning after getting on the internet. (The first is the local weather forecast to which my homepage pointer is set.) Howard Tayler’s recent promotion, however, reminds me that you can still get Schlock when you’re not near the computer for some reason.

You can get the comics, plus bonus stories NOT online, in print. Gloriously, Howard has opened pre-orders for Schlock Mercenary: The Sharp End of the Stick. This is the eighth book of the series, so feel free to pick up the previous seven while in the store. If you’ve got the cash I’d actually recommend spending the extra $10 to get the numbered customer choice sketch copy. During the order you pick the character and have the sketch added to your copy.


4 thoughts on “Printed Schlock

    • Yes. I’ve somewhat enjoyed the troy rising series but his politics are very open and if you’re one of his despised groups the derogation is like a slap in the face. It definitely interrupts the suspension of disbelief.

      hmmm. I might have to write another blog post, one for the writing side, soon.

      • Its worse in some of his others….. like “Last Centurion”. Its like reading Science Fiction written by Karl Rove. I find it funny.


      • I find “Last Centurion” unreadable and it’s not just the politics. With the exception of “We Few” I liked his Empire of Man series. And for that story it wasn’t the politics that broke it.

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