cold brew coffee quick update

I realized this morning that there’s a way to do singles for those who just want to try.

Take your coffee cup, which I’m going to assume is a 12 ounce coffee mug. Put in four rounded tablespoons of coffee grounds. Add a cup (8 ounces) of water. Put a saucer over the top and set it out of the way.

10 to 12 hours later, put a coffee strainer with filter over another cup. If you’re going to have hot coffee use a hot mug. If it’s going to be iced coffee use the glass you’re intending to use. Regardless, pour the sludge – the grounds and liquid – from the earlier mug into the strainer, and let the liquid drip out. When it’s almost done you can use a press of some sort (fingers, bottom of a glass, etc) to get more liquid out. If you do so, be careful that you don’t break out the bottom of your strainer.

The problem with the single like this is that it’s one cup. If there are two of you, or if you drink a couple or more cups, you have to set up multiple cups; it quickly becomes easier to use larger containers. But as a quick sampler it works well.

Have fun.


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