Kafka lives

There’s actually a reason for the bureaucratic mess I’m about to mention, but I’ll save that for the end.

As I’ve mentioned a time or two, I am transferring my residence to Texas. One of the steps involved was changing my vehicle titles from Georgia to Texas.

I turned in a title for a Hyosung GV250. A week later I received a title for a Suzuki CV2. And we begin the kafka story.

See, there’s a time limit to get your title corrected. So I called an office. They told me to call an office. Who sent me to the first office. This time they sent me to a different office. At this point I was told that the official records hadn’t been filed, so the state office I had called couldn’t fix this – I’d have to go back to the tax assessor office in person.

Away I went, and entered the line. This is, it happens, the third time I’ve been to this office. Both the prior times the lines were six to ten people. Today, I had 27 people in front of me. Enter the first positive weirdness – I only spent 15 minutes in line. Both those prior times? 25 and 35 minutes, respectively. But I digress.

I get to the window and explain the situation. I get told to stand aside as this, being a ‘different’ sort of action, requires the clerk to talk to the manager.

The clerk returns in about five minutes to tell me we can’t change this, not yet. The microfiche hasn’t been filed, she says. Now, I’ve got the bike outside and the paper in hand and there is a time limit, so hunh? Nope, can’t come back till 28 days after the title issue date. “but, time limit?” Well, don’t wait too long…

I told you there was a reason. It doesn’t change the fact that the 60 day window had 28 days eaten up front, but there is a reason. See, I could have had it changed. I’d have had to pay the full registration fee PLUS the fee for a physical verification — for an officer of the law or the court to confirm the bike with the VIN I submitted is indeed a Hyosung GV250. But because this was THEIR error, they eat the cost.

The reason for the delay, you see, is that what’s on file is not just my new title but the copies of the originating documentation. A lot of people who /say/ “it’s the office’s fault” are wrong – they got what they submitted. Me? I made a photocopy of the form before taking it in, and I know what the Georgia title said, so I know I’m ok.

But still, it means my registration will be wrong for a while, and I get to just live with that for another two and a half weeks. Assuming, of course, nothing else goes wrong.

Kafka was an optimist.


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