Opening doors

Trying to do things “by the numbers” can be frustratingly slow these days.

See, I’ve got my DBA (doing business as) and a bank account for the new business. But the bank won’t let me draw electronically for about a week. Oops, wrong tense. Wouldn’t, not won’t. Wednesday I’ll get my domain name and website, and even though it’ll start with a big “under construction” sign the virtual doors of MacIan Publishing will be open.

The delay has forced me to do a little more polish on what I’m doing. For example, my original intent was to say MacIan Publishing would just do fiction. That’s already gone out the window as I’m honored that someone whose particular non-fiction I enjoy has chosen me to publish her work. More on that after details and wiggles are out. But it’s changed the mission statement slightly.

MacIan publishes books people want.

Yep. That simple. That hard. It’s going to be fun.


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