Going sideways

Tasers. I’d really like to see tasers enter this whole discussion.

I have a proposal that is only slightly tongue in cheek:

Mandate every adult be train to use and then own a taser. Carrying one is optional, but they have to own one. No restrictions on where they can be carried.

For those people who dream of overthrowing the government tasers are pretty much worthless. On the other hand so are rifles and shotguns and pistols. Violent uprisings in our nation keep being put down, from Shay’s Rebellion through the Indian Wars. It takes not only arms but logistics, strategy, and political support – and as the American Civil War showed it takes a lot of those.

On the other hand when the question is self-defense tasers become a serious contender. Many of their weaknesses are surprisingly similar to those of pistols, to include people who keep on coming after being shot. There are, however, some peculiar weaknesses that need addressed.

Range, for self-defense, is immaterial. For what it’s worth I’d not be surprised to see ranges extend if tasers became a primary defense weapon.

The vast majority of tasers are single-shot. Again I’d expect this to change for reasons similar to range.

Tasers would be extremely subject to abuse. After all, severe “non-lethal punishment” is a god-send to some people. Yes, you’re not supposed to use them on children and on pregnant women and on people who might have heart conditions (read elderly), but as you can see by a number of police officer abuses this gets ignored too often. Ironically, I think making tasers a standard individual and home defense weapon would just happen to increase the controls on police as well.

Taser-proof clothing is easier than bullet-proof clothing. On the other hand the other person has to be wearing it for it to work – a problem today with bullet-proof clothing.

With the self-defense argument set aside, the resistance to tyranny looks even more ridiculous. It leaves hunting and sports, both of which have a variety of regulation in place already.


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