Minor Status Change

The pictures, then the thousand words.

broken side

broken front

That’s my right leg.

I was cutting branches off overhanging trees. I set up an extension ladder and it had two feet extending past the branch. Put in an anchor line to control the pop-up.

When the branch popped up, the anchor line let go and the branch rose three feet, or one foot past the end of the ladder.

I instinctively set for a PLF (parachute landing fall), never mind it’s been 30 years or so since the last time I did it. And I did pretty good, except there was mud down there — my right foot sank, and when the rest of my body rolled the foot stayed right where it was.

Now, I had an interview earlier this week, another yesterday, and one earlier today. But an interview is not a job offer, and is therefore not insurance. This shall be fun. As I learn new things of the process of uninsured medical care from the inside, I figure I’ll share.

I can start by saying that the admissions clerk at the ER thanked me for being honest (to include the fact I’ve been unemployed for a while) and said she’d start on the paperwork for people0 in my situation so I could hopefully go through less financial pain. No yelling, no badgering, just straight-forward and courteous performance of duties. For the record that’s Willowbrook Hospital in Houston.

It’s in a fiberglass splint for now as they had to re-align it and suspect some ligament damage. So I get to see an Orthopedist Monday – who also knows the situation up front. There will be news, whether praise or venting.

But for now, much of what was going to happen this weekend is being delayed a bit. IN fact, I think I’m off to sleep soon. If I can get the dogs and cats to quit thinking the open lap is for their pleasure…


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