Cloud Reading

I have a bunch of posts I should be doing as I sit here recuperating: editing and publishing, posting some recipes, updating my medical situation, so forth, but none quite got me going till this. Go figure.

Google is retiring a bunch of its programs. One strikes home for me: Google Reader.

I use it constantly. I can log onto a computer and check one page and see which of the over 100 sites I read daily (often more than once a day) has posted something new. I can scan down the list to see if I want to go to the site and read in depth, or just scan and go on.

I could turn this into a rant against the “RSS is dead” crowd. Might, even, let’s see how this meander goes. See, there’s this major sideways jump to something that to me is even more significant.

This is why I, and a lot of people I know, do not trust the cloud. Read back to my third paragraph. I can log into A computer. Not the same one, any computer. And Reader knows what I’ve seen already wherever I was and marks appropriately. Now I’m going to have to jump through hoops to find a replacement.

Now, reader is not really the cloud, but to a layman it’s a very good representation. RSS isn’t going away (yet), but the foretaste message is that if I leave everything “out there” to be handled there is a solid chance – perhaps an inevitability – that what is “out there” becomes inaccessible. Mine becomes no longer mine.

It’s a reminder, a wake up call. And the response includes an erosion of trust.

Google is giving three months warning. Reader goes away on July 1. Every time I access it, it tells me this warning. Every. Time. I’ll leave just so I can escape the pop-up.

And it makes me wonder… should I be looking for another email host, something that…

isn’t in the cloud?


2 thoughts on “Cloud Reading

  1. I am so bummed about this. I use Reader daily, too. If they decide to up and kill Blogger someday, I am hosed, we host our company site there. Either way, if you find a replacement for Reader, let me know, I am frantically searching for one right now!

    • I’m finding several that work pretty good. A major thing for me which turns out to be uncommon to difficult, however, is its platform independence. Things like RSSOwl require a downloaded reader. I can’t just get on another computer and check the feeds. I will keep looking, however.

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