Catching up

So it’s been a weird week here. It doesn’t seem like I did a lot, yet I’ve not had time to do the dozens of things I’m supposed to accomplish.

The worst of these things undone is a project I’m involved in that I think everyone will like – and until it’s done that’s about all I can say about it. Other than the fact my current stage was supposed to be done Wednesday and here it is Saturday and still sitting on a corner of my (virtual) desktop. It’s worst because others are twiddling their thumbs till I get done.

The biggest time sink has been my leg, still. I went from cast to boot (yay). I am still not allowed to put any weight on it, but I can now wash and allow it to air out. I’m also supposed to be working the ankle with various stretches and movements so as to rebuild flexibility. Strength comes after I can put in some weight. I’ve got this list of things I’m to do minimally, some more as opportunity arises. Being still unemployed (boo) I have a lot of time to do the opportunity tasks. As a result I work that ankle a lot. Unsurprisingly that means I’m in more pain than I have been over the last two or three weeks which means I’ve used more of my pain pill than I have since the first two weeks. Those have a bit of codeine in them, and voila we know where the time went. mutter.

My books and my sculptures lay half-done. I’ve puttered about in lists and found myself re-reading posts, papers, and books without realizing I’ve done them before.

The good news – and what seems to have sparked my re-engagement – is that I’ve had a couple of calls about employment. Not offers, but possibilities. I find, looking at it now, that I rather dread retirement for fear of becoming an utter slug.

So, I’m in the process of trying to catch up, and this post is part of that. Hopefully you’ll all see just a little more from me than you have recently.


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