Microtrans and 3dprint

More fleshing out of both threads that meander through my mind.

I’m wondering if a new variation of microtrans might not be the inclusion – or exclusion – of corporate labels in 3d printed objects.

I’m still pondering what might become the Killer App for 3d printing – have a few ideas but the tech isn’t quite there. One thing that seems rather obvious to me, however, is that 3d printing is not going to be a mass production system. Instead I think the key concept will be mass custom production (or so I recall the term). That is, you purchase the one YOU want, and quite possibly in a variation YOU want, which may or may not have been in the original package.

As a working example, assume the people playing with extruded mixed material microfilaments get it together and are able to produce a cotton-polyester blend filament that can then be used to make clothes. Not just fabric, but clothes that are ‘woven’ but at the same time seamless. Then people design shirts, pants, hats, etc. Some sell those patterns online, some upload them for free.

Enter microtrans. Companies sponsor some of the clothing with the caveat that their logo is ‘woven’ into the fabric somewhere. A counter-payment (microtransaction) by the buyer allows it to be woven without the logo. Alternatively, a company can allow its logo to be written into other products for a micro fee.

Again it’s a bit of an offhand thought that needs more consideration – and by writing it down maybe I’ll consider it a time or two.

Have fun.


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