negative company review

I’m very disappointed in USA Clean Master, enough that I’m posting this review on my blog. The issue isn’t the cleaning – which I haven’t even had done. It’s the way I felt I was being scammed.

See, the carpets of the house I’m in are filthy. Two years old, heavily trafficed by people and animals, and the animals have had accidents. (A dog suffering diarrhea while the people are out is not fun to clean up after. Yeah.) And there are other issues that are none of your business (grin) other than to say there are a lot of stains.

So I took exact measurements of everything to be cleaned. And to ensure it’s a full clean we made a plan to have the job done as two separate visits, knowing that’s a minimum fee for each trip. And I proceeded to call places and ask for quotes.

USA Clean Master was by far the lowest quote. And I proceeded to note it was heavy traffic, to list the sizes of the rooms, to note there were pet stains. I’d have dropped them as ‘lowest’ except they have some really good reviews and ratings. So I ordered, we moved furniture, and the tech arrived today in timely fashion.

And proceeded to tell me the actual cost was going to be triple what I’d been told on the phone. See, the person on the phone just rated for ‘steam cleaning’, not deep cleaning. And she just wrote down two rooms plus closets, not two oversize (full house width) rooms with other attached rooms. And despite mentioning the stains she didn’t put them in.

Or so said the tech. See, the triple was “and maybe more if I have to do more spot cleaning of the pet stains, which I probably will.”

Not really a scam – nothing I’d go to court and expect to win, nothing I’d go to the BBB about. Especially as when I expressed my displeasure the company rep on the phone tried to make it good by dropping the price – not to the original quote, but some pretty severe cuts nonetheless.

Now here’s the funny thing. We’re going with the company that gave us the highest estimate. But the thing is she asked about pet stains before I mentioned, and asked how numerous and bad they were, and told me up front that the charge was going to be nasty and add a chunk. And she, unlike anyone else, actually ran the dimensions and gave back square feet to be cleaned, and made certain of my numbers. And she told me up front that if it turned out the measurements were short I might get a bit more charge.

And even with all that it was LESS than what my first choice was trying to charge after arrival.

heh – actually, it gets even worse. See, all the quotes were for downstairs. But in the not too terribly distant future we’re going to do upstairs, which has almost as much carpet with stains. So not only is USA Clean Master missing out on this job, they’re losing that as well.

fwiw, if’n I was running the company I’d tell my people to quote the ‘heavy’ price. Let the tech decide if a lighter cleaning will do and offer it for the lower price ON SITE. I betcha I’d lose some initial offers. I also betcha I’d have some wildly loyal customers giving great feedback to their friends. But it seems the normal way is to offer the least and jack up from there.

I sorta understand it, actually. After all “we’re the cheapest, and you get what you pay for” sells. It’s just, well, I’m still angry. And given the current emotional situation of the house I’m not dealing nicely with anyone I think is jerking me.

So anyway, furniture will sit stacked in half the house for another day, and we’ll see what tomorrow’s technician brings. Yeah, tomorrow. Even though it was a last minute call, the fact they’re cleaning up on another company’s own-goal made them jump through timing hoops. I lose one day.

Have fun.


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