An indirect brag

My daughter is an engineering student at Georgia Tech. So I get these things that don’t pop up on most folk’s views.

Recently, Tech Crunch went to Georgia Tech to look at its makers lab – I mean, Invention Studio. The whole makers’ lab concept is bright on its own, and putting it in an engineering college just plain makes sense too. I don’t know about most, but I do know that GT’s lab is very well-stocked with equipment. Not just 3d printers but lathes and waterjet cutters and a wide range of tools designed to make things.

So anyway, here is Tech Crunch’s video of that lab tour.

But wait, there’s more.

If you’re watching you’re going to see there are two or three women shown making things in the studio. One of those women is my daughter. She’s the one working on gears for the clock she’s making for the studio.

I said I’d brag a bit, but indirectly: her, not me. She’s done the work to instruct and supervise people using every machine in the lab. She’s not The Expert for any of them, but she’s safe and competent with all of them. And she makes these neat things; hopefully someday she’ll have time to put more of them up on her blog.

I’m a bit proud of her, and suspect that as time goes on I’ll be even prouder.


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