small update

So most of you know I’m long term unemployed. Lots of little factors none of which should have mattered much met in just the right timing to make my life miserable.

I’m hesitant to say I have changed status, yet it appears I may have done just that.

The hesitation is due to the process. I have been hired in a temp-to-hire sequence for a company. I’m going to reserve naming the company for now. I’m presently training as a shipping clerk which is simultaneously easy and high stress. Well, I say easy, but apparently a /lot/ of people wind up walking off the job within the early days.

Driver comes in. Job comes in, maybe earlier, maybe later. Get driver and job together at the same door so they can leave together. Easy. (sigh). Make sure all the paperwork for all the jobs and the data entry is correct so billing can be done, make sure things are arranged so nobody misses deadlines, make sure … yeah, there’s the stress.

Realistically, I believe I have a handle on it. It’s honestly not that different from working blind and physically handicapped library or the holds and ILL sections of the library; just a matter of scale and particular details. And a few more dollars per job, of course.

But it is still officially temporary, and temp is not “employed” by pretty much any book you use.

The shipping clerk is (hopefully, and according to supervisors is intended to be) a stepping stone to a position I actually want more: CSR (Customer Service Representative). The current management’s position, in part due to the particular business, is that they have decided that the CSRs will do a better job of scheduling and dealing with customers if they have actual experience with various stress positions, of which shipping clerk is one. So /if/ I do well enough then not only will I be hired but I’ll be trained for my preferred position.

On the flip side of the same coin, if they decide I’m shipping clerk hire then I’ll take it – working beats not working.

I seem to orbit three fields. Computers, Logistics, and Information Services. I was moving furniture and assisting warehouses as early as 1979 (yes I’m that old), I started working with computers in 1981, and though my library degree began in 1988 I was doing field related instruction in 1984. I’ve dropped into all three fields multiple times since. It’s been interesting to watch this in progress, and I’m kind of curious where I’m going from here (when I grow up. grin)


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