I’ll meander about the gardens of the mind, pondering many subjects.  Some will be topical, others whatever catches my whimsy.  You’re welcome to join me in these walks.

Oh, me?  I’ve been an army ranger, I have been a librarian, and I’ve done a lot of things between the two.  I’m college edjicated – a gradidiot, even.  But I’ve learned a lot of things outside school as well, and know there’s a difference between “smart” and “educated”.

[edited in 2012 to add]
After quite a hiatus, I’m back. I think.

[edited in 2009 to add…]
A bit less whimsical. I’m pushing half a century. I think of myself as fairly boring, actually, but I’ve done and seen some interesting things. (It’s me that’s boring, not what I’ve done. Some day I’ll grasp how to make words dance instead of plod.) I’ve been asked for more details and am in a mood to oblige.

For the past 15 years or so I’ve been a librarian. I’ve spent a couple of very large periods unemployed – once for 12 months, once for… I’m at 15 months and counting as I write this.

Prior to that I spent a bit over eight years in the army, separated by getting a two year advanced degree (Master of Library Science) and a commission. As an officer I spent almost the entire time after various schools as a member of 2-34 Armor with the Big Red One at Ft. Riley, KS. Enlisted, I went from Basic/AIT (Infantry) to Airborne school to 3-75 Rangers (B Company), where I was part of the bulk that got brought in before we officially activated. (I got to the unit in late July. The unit activated in October.) I then got transferred to a pathfinder detachment (187th, stationed at Ft. Benning.) While the Rangers were more hard-charging the pathfinder unit was more selective, and I’m proud to have been a member of both.

Prior to that there was college and pumping gas and moving furniture and cooking and lifeguarding and selling cheese and, well, a host of this and that as I wandered about figuring out who and what I was. Still haven’t, but I’m getting old and all that wasted motion is tiresome.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I read Calculated Risk almost religiously, and when you mentioned you were a librarian, I thought I’d come by and say hi. (As I’m a librarian too.)

  2. I’ve just seen your comment on TaMara’s blog and I love how informative your comment is. I’m looking forward to learning more from your site. Thank you!

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